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Cask of Wonders

While organizing my closets in preparation for a huge new project, I came across the same 18-gallon tote that I’ve been moving from place to place for quite some time. Sure it’s set up a bit different now. It was once a large cardboard box before I decided that all cardboard needed to be replaced with plastic totes. But, the contents have not changed.

The tote contains dozens of spiral notebooks and even loose pages of works mostly written in longhand. Some of them are yellowed, and there are typed pages going back to the early-to-mid 90s. I took the time to really look through each notebook and binder and what I found is truly a trove of riches. As I said, I’ve always known the tote was there and, overall, what was inside. But, the details…the magnitude of the work…is something I somehow forgot about.

However, now that I remember…now that I’ve become reacquainted with some of those gems…I have a lot of transcribing to do…and a lot of work to share with you.

I can’t wait.