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Ho Ho Huzzah!!

During this lovely, long holiday weekend, I have been up to my hairline in editing.  It’s been an amazing process thus far, and I’m very happy with the progress I’ve made. Of note is the work that needed to be done on a pivotal chapter in the novel.

I loved writing this chapter. It might be my favorite one in the book, but it was split into two sections written on different days.  I needed a segue to blend them together, leading into the chapter taking place immediately afterward, and providing a solid foundation for incidents taking place throughout the remainder of the novel.  It had to be just right.

Well, yesterday was the day to get it done, and it couldn’t have ended up any better! I have been geeking out since because that section was essentially the final piece of the puzzle and the full edit can commence with gusto.

Merry Christmas to me!!