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Just Getting Started

As we head into this century’s version of the Roaring 20s, my mind and calendar are filled with goals for the coming year. Vitae will be out within a few months, Duality has exceeded my expectations with five-star reviews as well as putting me on the map as an award-winning author, and future prospects look unbelievably amazing.

Even once Vitae has been published, work doesn’t stop there. Behind-the-scenes work is continuing on a line of merchandise, and in the month between Vitae’s release and when I’ll start my third novel, I have another special project to finish…that will be revealed at another time.

As this will be my last post of the year, I don’t want to make it just about me. I also want to celebrate those who have helped along the way. My friends and family – too many to name, honestly – have been instrumental in supporting me, cheering me on, and spreading the word. Just this afternoon, I was asked to send my mother the links to my book trailers so that she could share them. My sister has repeatedly expressed how happy she is for me and how proud she is of me. One of my friends started her own mini-book club with Duality as the feature novel.

I’ve also gotten to meet some fantastic members of Twitter’s Writing Community. Of specific note are J.C. Paulk and his badass wife, Nickey. I am a huge fan of them both, not just as members of the Writing Community, but also as people. And, seriously – you need to pick up all three books written by J.C. I’ve read and reviewed them all, and they are hilarious as well as SO very well done.

When I finally decided to cast fear aside and dive into my writing dreams, I had no idea that things would turn out as they have. Of course, it’s easy to say now, “What was I afraid of?” But, that doesn’t matter. What matters is that I no longer am. I love how this feels and I want more of it. Make 2020 yours. I’ve already got plans to do the same, and I’m not stopping there.