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Just when you thought it was safe…

YES! I am finally BACK!

You know you missed me.

As I mentioned in my last post, it was necessary (though not at all enjoyable) for me to take a hiatus. Real life sometimes means that we have to be an adult and handle actual business. My business had to do with passing an extremely important certification exam that is vital to keeping my day job. I’m obviously not yet at the point in my life where I can live off a combination of freelance writing work and/or proceeds from my novels. Until I arrive at that point, a kid’s gotta work an actual 9 to 5. Or 10 to 6. Or whatever. You get what I mean.

However; now that the exam has been passed and is out of the way, I can now dive fully back into the work that I have missed SO very much. In the last several weeks, I have had dreams about my novel. I’ve had more ideas concerning the edits. I’ve come up with another concept that I’ll need to prioritize among the other ideas/plans already in place. There have been times that I have been miserable and cranky – because I could not write. Guess what was the first thing I did when getting home after the exam? Okay, yes…the very first thing I did was to dance about the house (complete with wholly unruly pelvic thrusts). But, the second thing I did was to retrieve my writing notebooks from where I’d been forced to stash them for the last six weeks.

The plan? I need to read my novel again – from the beginning – to once again immerse myself in the work and the characters. Duality is now my priority, so that I can complete the edits and finally, FINALLY, get it to the beta readers (and you guys have been crazy patient…except you…you know who you are…) and get the opening of the next book onto paper immediately afterward. I have also not – I swear! – forgotten about the Writer’s Block exercises. Now that the nonsense of the exam is behind me, my literary world is open.

(You realize that I’ve wasted almost NO time, right? I seriously just passed the exam yesterday and I’m already back here flexin’.)