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Safeguarding Your Writing: Lessons from a Fellow Author’s Hard Drive Mishap

Ever stumbled upon a story that hits too close to home? Well, I recently heard about a fellow writer who faced a nightmare—losing their entire novel to the cruel hands of a hard drive failure. Imagine their anguish, left with nothing but a mere printout of around 25 pages, painstakingly marked with line edits.

Before we dive in, let’s send some serious empathy vibes to that author. Losing a labor of love like that? It’s every writer’s fear, and it’s a wake-up call for all of us to beef up our data security.

Our beloved hard drives are usually our go-to storage hubs. They’re fantastic—until they decide to play tricks on us. That’s why spreading our data love is crucial. USB drives, external hard drives, and cloud storage—they’re like the backup squad for our files. But here’s the thing about cloud storage—skepticism often lingers. Trusting our work to a digital cloud? It’s a leap of faith, no doubt.

Here’s the thing—variety is key. Don’t rely on just one digital avenue. USBs, external drives, and sure, toss in some cloud storage, but proceed with caution. Encrypt your data, choose your services wisely, and bump up the security wherever you can. It’s like locking your front door and adding a security system—a little extra protection never hurts.

But hold up, let’s not forget the charm of the good ol’ analog ways. Printing drafts, keeping physical backups, or jotting down bits of your work with a trusty pen? It’s not just old-fashioned; it’s a smart backup plan. When the digital world throws a curveball, the old-school methods have your back.

Hey, fellow creators, here’s the deal—don’t hinge your work on a single digital lifeline. Embrace diversity, balance doubts with trust, and fortify your backups both in the digital realm and beyond. Take this cautionary tale as a sign—our stories won’t vanish into thin air. With diverse backups, secure clouds, and a dash of common sense, let’s ensure our creative endeavors stay safe and sound.

Speaking of which, I recently took my backup game a step further. My current computer doesn’t even have a disc drive. So, I decided to invest in an external DVD burner. Alongside regular electronic backups, I’ve started burning my work onto discs weekly. It might seem like overkill, but hey, better safe than sorry, right?

Now, one last thing to remember: I’m not here to push specific products or services. Every writer’s needs are different, and it’s essential to do your homework. Make informed decisions based on your unique requirements and comfort level. Your data, your choice.

Here’s to our stories, snug and secure in the hands of multiple guardians. Let’s keep them alive, weaving magic for generations to come.

xo Ametra.