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Waves of Inspiration

Water is considered to be a conduit for many things. Some video games have portrayed water as the means to move between realms. It was also highlighted in the movie, “Constantine,” when the title character filled a bathtub with water, assisting another with her travel from our world to Hell after she was submerged.  I don’t know that my experiences are anywhere near as deep as that, but I can definitely say that I’ve gotten some of my best ideas when in or near water.

My last post was about how, when I awake during the night with a story idea, I’ll use a recording app on my phone to ensure that the details of the dream are saved before daylight wipes them clean from memory.  While dreams provide the initial spark it’s actually water that – ironically – turns the spark into a full conflagration.

Washing dishes, washing my hair, showering or bathing – all of these situations are ripe for the chance that an idea will hit me.  Yesterday, the remainder of an entire chapter played out in my head while having a soak – to the point that I had to scramble out to make sure that I could hastily scribble it all out while it was still fresh. I was able to write it all, but it might take a decoder ring to decipher some of it.

Maybe I need to look into a water-resistant means of recording ideas to be transcribed later…