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Posts tagged as “book trailer”

Just Getting Started

As we head into this century’s version of the Roaring 20s, my mind and calendar are filled with goals for the coming year. Vitae will be out within a few months, Duality has exceeded my expectations with five-star reviews as well as putting me on the map as an award-winning author, and future prospects look unbelievably amazing. Even once Vitae has been published, work doesn’t stop there. Behind-the-scenes work is continuing on a line of…

Character Profiles

I’ve decided to do something new and fun. Because I had so much fun crafting the book trailer for Duality, I decided to take it a step further with the creation of character¬†profile videos. These will be spoiler-free in that, while giving a bit of insight into the character, will not give away any of the plot. I’m also only going to do two of them – maybe three. I hope you’ll enjoy them.