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Blasts From the Past

I realize that this blog post was supposed to be about book distribution…but, we’ll have to get to that next time. In a way, the idea behind today’s offering somewhat supports the point that I’m bringing up today…because the original topic of discussion was somewhat ceremoniously hijacked.

If you’re a regular follower of me here, on Facebook, or via Twitter, you already know that I am in the process of finishing VITAE, which is my second novel. Last weekend, I wrote what I thought was the timeline of novels with estimated publication dates through 2025. After today’s events, it’s very likely that the timeline will be modified.

In a previous blog post, I discussed how a different novel was originally slated to be published in 2019. After finishing DUALITY, I began work on the new novel, only to be plagued by dreams within that month. A character from a novel that has been on my heart for years, but hadn’t seen the light of day aside from a snippet or two sent to distant friends, came to me and stated her case as to why a novel she’s featured in should be the next written. I kept saying no. It wasn’t a project I was ready to bring to life. What was she talking about?

But, she wouldn’t go away. She disturbed my sleep and my novel planning with startling regularity until I felt compelled to give it some serious thought. After all, my writing instincts hadn’t failed me yet. I remembered back when I was writing DUALITY and Joran was named Evan. He came to me in a dream and basically said, “Um, no – my name isn’t Evan at all.” I knew he was right, and I have loved Joran ever since.

Why listen then and not now? The primary reason was fear. This young lady, who you now know as Liana, is the primary character in the first of a series of books that have been in my blood since I was 19 years old. Her story, her family’s story, her lineage and everything about her and those who come after her, were a part of my daily life for roughly four years online in roleplaying chat rooms and then eventually in short stories written for another four to five years after that.

I’d say there’s a fair amount riding on her debut, wouldn’t you?

As evidenced by the book trailers and ads created over the last several months, Liana won. People now know who she is – on the surface – and will know the secrets of her story by year’s end. I have overcome the fear of giving literary life to the intricate branches of Liana’s family tree and, while four novels have been planned for certain, there is room for more.

However, even though Liana has been appeased and no longer appears in my dreams as often, someone else showed up today – while I was awake.

The plan for my 2020 release was to go back to the novel I abandoned after Liana’s plea. I listen to music while at work, and music is one of my primary conduits – it’s the catalyst for many of my creative thoughts. While one section of my brain focused on the task at hand, another was free to get lost in the music. Well, it got lost and then returned with a very familiar face…

Gabriel. He wants to be part of my next novel. If you don’t know who he is…you should learn. He can be very persuasive…