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Don’t I Know You From Somewhere?

So, we meet again!

Well, no – not really. Or maybe we have…  Allow me to explain. My name is Ametra (hence the title of this blog), but this isn’t my first foray into blogging. I actually blogged under two pseudonyms before now: First as Zhaviera on the “Turn Back While You Still Can” blog roughly five years ago, and then as The Working Wallflower up until earlier this year.

Both blogs were a lot of fun and had different goals, but weren’t fully ME.  Zhaviera’s blog mostly covered hot topics and current events – peppered with profanity and sarcastic wit.  The Working Wallflower chronicled my attempts to maintain a Work/Life balance by struggling to maintain my ideal 9-5, or 8-4…maybe even a 10-6…while keeping what was left of my sanity throughout each of the challenges tossed my way in my personal life.

I realized, though, that while both of those blogs were fun in a way, I never fully utilized or showcased my desires as a writer with a purpose and direct intention to do anything more than just blog. It was a bunch of, “I’m gonna” and “I should,” and nowhere near enough, “I am” or “I have.”  Well, that has changed.

I am a writer.

I have completed my first novel.

I am giving it to my beta readers to help with construction of the first draft.

I am enlisting professional assistance with editing once the first draft is completed.

I am already working on two follow-up novels.

There’s more to come, obviously, but I thought that this was as good a place to start as any.  There’ll be more to learn about me as we share this journey, and perhaps I’ll get to learn something about you, too!

Feel free to pop in on Twitter and Facebook – I look forward to having you!