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The Bottomless Bag

It has been an amazing last few weeks, so much so that it barely seems as though twenty-one days have passed since I made the announcement of the title of my first novel.  I hoped to try very hard to not let there be so much time in-between posts, but I obviously need to try harder. It’s all for a good reason, though. Several good reasons, in fact! Not all will be shared here at this moment, but here’s a general rundown:

  • Though I can barely draw a legible stick figure, I love art. More to the point, I love conceptualizing cover art. I am so excited by the ideas exchanged with the cover artist for Duality; and, assuming we don’t drive each other crazy in the interim, this could be the start of a wonderful partnership.
  • Another beta reader has come into the fray!  It makes me feel great that my enthusiasm (madness) is contagious enough that someone else wants to take part in it. It’s flattering, yet at the same time very humbling.
  • I have to study! lol ACK! There is a work-related certification exam that’s coming up soon, and preparing for it has eaten away at my precious writing time. But, I hope to have that taken care of before the end of March so that I can dive face-first back into the gooey goodness that comprises the inner-workings of my overtaxed brain.
  • The groundwork has already been laid for my follow-up novel.  Okay, let’s be honest, I actually have the groundwork laid for the next three novels once Duality is complete.  These novels will likely take me through 2018 and well into 2019.

So, you see, it’s been a pretty busy time for me…and keep in mind that I haven’t even mentioned HALF of what’s been going on. To those of you that are new – welcome! For those that have been around for awhile, I’m always glad that you’ve taken the time to make me part of your day…or part of your every few weeks, judging by the frequency of my posts.

I know, I know – it’ll get better. Just hang tight until at least my certification is done.