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To Me, Or Not To Me

That was the question.

The tagline for this blog is, “Many Incarnations – Only One Original,” because I have written (unpublished works) under three pseudonyms.  After recently making the decision to push through and advance my career as a writer, I was faced with the choice of whether relaunch my presence and intentions under my real name, or go back to the comforting anonymity of a moniker of my creation.

I took a poll among a select group of friends. Only one of them said I should continue working under a different name, and even then it was more of a, “If that’s what you really want to do” variety of opinion.  But, despite what name I’ve used, I have been always Ametra.  I may either fly or fail, but I do admit to being unable to resist a smile at the thought of seeing MY name on the cover of a book someday soon.